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About the Author

Sherry’s last day at CNN, after 6 fascinating years.

I started writing children’s stories in 1999, while I was a producer at CNN Headline News. After days filled with “just the facts,” I found it irresistibly refreshing to take out my notebook and make stuff up.

The idea for my first book, The School that Sank, came during a trip to Barbados. A taxi driver told me the supposedly true story of a seaside school that started sinking into the sand. I imagined how the kids might try to save their school, and the story was born.

Sherry's son inspired Because You Are My Baby.

I wrote Because You Are My Baby while I was pregnant with my son, who is now in elementary school. Because I Am Your Daddy was inspired my by husband and daughter. I wanted these books to capture the intense love new parents feel for their babies, while still being light-hearted and fun to read.

In addition to my books, I have contributed both fiction and nonfiction to Highlights, the classic kids’ magazine with a circulation of more than 2 million.

Sherry with some of her students in Ecuador.

I also enjoy volunteer work and have taught English at schools in Ecuador, Nepal and Vietnam.

Born in New York, but raised in Florida, I have trouble with temperatures below the sandal line. I hold a BA in political science from the University of Florida, where I graduated as co-valedictorian. I then braved the cold to earn my Master’s from New York University.

I live in South Florida with my husband, son, daughter, and two dogs. My alter ego works as a journalist and educational television producer – find out more at www.yourmediapro.com.

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