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School Visits

Let your K-5 students explore writing with an award-winning author! Choose the right program for your school.

1. How a Book Is Born
(Assembly or Classroom)

• Types of Books
• Generating Story Ideas
• The Writing Process
• Editing and Revising
• Illustration and Publication
• Creative Thinking Games
• Q & A

2. Secrets of Strong Writing (Classroom Only)
• A hands-on approach to the writing process.
• Includes practical tips and writing exercises.

3. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Event (Classroom Only)
• Interactive reading of Because You Are My Baby or Because I Am Your Daddy.
• Creative thinking game and take-home craft.

4. PTA Fundraiser
• Sell autographed books to raise money for the PTA.
• Buy the books from the publishers at a discounted rate and sell at retail value.
• The PTA keeps the difference.

I have presented at the Miami Book Fair International and dozens of schools, libraries and bookstores. Please see my archive of past events for more details.

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